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Friday, April 4, 2014

Bad Omens.

Now before I begin, this is not a religious post; intuitive, superstitious or maybe a bit spiritual, yeah, but  Lengthy? Well let's just grab a beer, your glasses and 5-7 minutes.

I am unafflilated with any organized religion and I like it that way, however, I was raised Christian and although I do not follow a church, I am spiritual; I have beliefs. My parents taught us to believe in a higher power, to pray, to focus our energy on positive things and positive things will come back to you, to follow our intuition and to be authentic.  We were solely given the choice as to how we wanted to guide our own spirits.  Now my mom was raised Catholic and my dad was Christian and even attended church schools his entire educational career, so for two very clearly religious and set in their beliefs people, allowing my sister and I the choice to follow our own beliefs was a huge step. One that I cannot thank them enough for.

So let's talk about some bad omens for a bit.  

This year I turn 30, the BIG 3-0, the Dirty Thirty!  I am actually really excited to jump into my 30's.  For my birthday our family and a friend booked an all inclusive trip to Cancun for 7 nights!  This would be my very first time leaving the country, flying over an ocean and being away from my babies for more then 2 nights.  Those milestones in and of themselves are scary and gave me some reservations about this trip.

So about those omens.  As if my reservations about leaving weren't already heightened, several events over the last couple months have just screamed "cancel your trip"

Event 1. Grandmas diagnosis with Leukemia.  I should have seen this as a huge red flag.  The week we booked, my grandma was diagnosed and immediately I called our travel agent to make sure if we needed to cancel (due to her death) we had insurance.

Event 2. Our trip to Vegas.  Fun right?  The trip was great, the flights, TERRIFYING!  The short 2 nights away from my children, Excrutiating.  I came back already having decided 7 nights was far too many away from my kids and that we would be switching to a shorter stay.  My parents (the babysitters while we're vacationing) agreed wholeheartedly!

Event 3. Booking chaos.  Most of our party booked through the same travel agent, however, my sister and my friend found a killer deal through a travel site.  It wasn't until our Vegas trip that we realized, they booked the wrong hotel and package.  This meant different hotels, restaurants, pools, hotel transfers, pretty much different trips but the same beach.  So then we all just figured we would switch to their resort and save some cash too...yeah not happening that would cost more. 


Event 4. The missing Malaysian Plane.  You know I super hate flying. I never get a good flight, mine always have terrifying moments where we drop altitude, catch an air pocket, have the worst turbulence or are stuck in some horrendous storm above KC "waiting to land" then being diverted to a whole other state cause "shit was getting dangerous".  Needless to say, people almost always are screaming and gripping armrests praying to whomever they believe in (and by people I definitely include myself in this group) to just live.  So I had to convinced myself that commercial jets don't crash anymore and definitely don't go missing.  Come on its 2014.  Then this freaking plane went missing!  Obsession started and literally everyday I read the news on this.  Add to this, that everyday for the past week there has been an airplane wreck here in Colorado and boom, no way in hell you're getting me on a flight. 

Event 5. Tax return troubles.  We had planned to use our tax return to pay for this trip (Ballin')!  So when it got deposited about 10 days ago I was geared up to pay this trip off.  Then the wrong amount was refunded (well actually the right amount but that's a whole 'nother Oprah). Then my Denali got a flat tire, which when the tire repair folks looked at it, said they couldn't fix it.  Then they said we would need to replace all 4 tires because I have AWD.  Then they found this on two different tires (so, bright side is that we lived). 

Then I got new tires...on my 20 inch rims (cause Rollin' on Dubs is how we do)...which took a chunk of our tax money.  We were also told we probably (clearly) needed an alignment.  So off we went to the alignment place.  There we found out my tie rods were crap and needed replaced, so yay more tax return money gone...and of course we still needed an alignment!  Oh but wait there's more!  Then apparently 3 vehicles needed the registration renewed, and of course Jason's F-350's batteries went kaput, oh and my wonderful little Toyota needed some maintenance (180,000 miles will do that).  Whew, that was easily most of our tax return.  Hey, it's not over yet, today our garage door spring on our house that isn't even 5 years old just snapped, and of course the spring is some special spring that only garage door people can get (believe me we looked hard) so hey, why don't we just finish off that tax return; and finish it off we did. 


I have always felt VERY in tune to my surroundings and my intuition.  Right now my intuition is screaming "cancel this trip or you're going to die!"  Oddly enough several of the people who are planning on going with us have the same nagging feeling that "something isn't right."  There has been more tiny events that have lead us all to a place of GTFO of this terrible no good very bad trip.  So I think it's safe to say our big plans are getting squashed.  I feel absolutely terrible and I know we all still want to go somewhere, but now it's all a about figuring that out. 

Gah!  Do you believe in bad omens?  Care to share?