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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Our Easter plans are generally the same each year.  We wake up, enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast. Do a small egg hunt and check out our Easter baskets.  Then it is a frantic rush to get everyone ready and drive up north and hour to hang with our family.  The kids up there then do a huge egg hunt around our other family rink and we eat and enjoy each others' company.  It is truly one of my favorite times!

Enjoy the photo dump!

Ok this photo cracks me up!

I went more practical for Easter this year.  Spring infused with band-aids, chalk and bubbles and a toothbrush too!

The baby was torturous to take pictures of today.
First taste of her chocolate bunny, love that its on her face!
Yeah this is the best photo I got today of them both.  Bonus, no naps for the baby either (even with a two hour drive!)
My Dad's side of the family...look at all the babies! 
This picture seriously cracks me up!


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