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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Eyan's Mini 4th Birthday

My baby boy is not a baby and I am so not handling that very well. I am planning a birthday party for my guy in May.  April is just too hectic this year for us.  So for his actual birthday I took a day off work, and spent it with my big guy!

He just looks 4 now.  (also look I am getting better at the DSLR!)
We took cupcakes to his classroom!

He sang "Happy Birthday" to himself as his friends sang to him lol!

Then Auntie Ashley came over and spoiled the boy with this:

Not sure how this is so blurry...

They see me rollin'

 Then we took off to Ammi & Papa's for some cake, presents, and dinner!

We told him that this was for Grandpa...jokes on him!

Realizing what is in the package!

OMG!  Interactive R2D2!

"Hey R2" (he talks, dances, plays tag, patrols the house and so much more!)

Happy Birthday my big guy!



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    1. Thanks Tracy! I miss your comments! glad to see you pop back in!

  2. I can't believe Eyan is 4! He is so cute. Happy Bday!

  3. Looks like he had a great day!! :O)


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