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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Failing to Thrive...Low Iron?

I have had TONS of questions about the tiny peanut and this whole Failure to Thrive diagnosis that we got handed in January.  So I figured it was time for an update and MAYBE an light at the end of the tunnel.

Due to Emberlynn fighting off some sort of crappy cold at her one year appointment we delayed her vaccinations and her blood work.  Last week while I was on my spring break, I took Emberlynn in for her vaccinations and her blood work as well as a quick weight check.

Vaccinations went great, minimal crying and no reactions.  The blood draw this time went pretty darn well. However, this time I told the lab tech that we needed to sit at the chair and that it would take two of them to hold her in addition to me.  Instead of the process taking 15-30 minutes like it had the two time before, it only took 3 minutes.  Progress folks!  The weight check was not great.  We had lost 2.5oz so now we are back down to 15.3 lbs.  I was pretty bummed about that, however, our pediatrician was not super concerned just yet because she is starting to become more mobile.

So let's get to the blood work.  AGAIN it came back abnormal.  Again we blame these freaking colds we continue to battle (which by the way is entirely bizarre to me because Eyan NEVER got sick like this, now all the sudden we are meccas for these colds)!  However, our pediatrician has a theory that she may have low iron, not quite low enough to be anemic, but low enough to cause her blood work to be abnormal.  So now we try iron drops and repeat the blood work and weight checks for God knows how long.

We also are hoping that the reason she is so tiny is because of the low iron.  Not that I don't love the tiny baby, but I would just like some comfort in her growing a bit more on her curve and at least MAKING the damn percentile chart already.

So are we any closer to an answer, GAH, who knows but its on with the iron drops and maybe spoonfuls of lard at this point.
Failure to Thrive, Cute baby