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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Sweet Boy Turns 4

Happiest Birthday Dear Son,

How on Earth it has been 4 full years since you burst into the world on your own terms, I truly have no clue. It seems like just yesterday you were this tiny flipping ninja baby in my belly and now you are no longer this baby faced little guy, you are a full grown little boy.  Each day you continue to learn and grown and push boundaries, and each day your daddy and I love you more and more and learn from you.

You are both the greatest gift and the greatest learning curve we have ever encountered, and we appreciate and love you so much.  You are a phenomenal big brother.  I just can't even describe how good you are to your little sister.  You have loved her from day one which truly shows your protective nurturing soul.

You are ridiculously smart.  Like ridiculously.  I pray that you stay smart and are not bored in school. I cannot even believe that we are staring at an almost kindergartner or that we are beginning to really examine schools and districts that can meet your needs.

You LOVE people.  You love entertaining and laughing and playing and thrive on friendships.  You are a gift to everyone around you and bring smiles to peoples faces constantly.

You are my most precious and favorite boy in the whole wide world.  I love you to infinity and beyond, forever and a day.

Happy Birthday Love!

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