Remembering |We Got the FUNK

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


February was a very tough month for my family.  Not only did we lose my grandmother, but a very close family friend.  My sister and my dad took his loss very hard.  I think Jason and I are handling it better only because we have lost far to many close loved ones and our grieving process is quicker now.

My dad really wanted to get his family and ours back together like the good ol' days for a BBQ.  It was the BEST IDEA EVER!  I so miss hanging out with this family like that, with no real plans, just food and conversations and laughing and enjoying each others presence.

Here are some fantastic photos of our fun riding ATV's and enjoying the day, remembering a great man!

On a side note, today would be my grandmothers birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandma!  I love and miss you terribly.