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Friday, April 25, 2014

Update on the Peanut and FTT

So a week ago we started the iron supplements along with a multivitamin.  I am filtering questions about failure to thrive ALL the time and how Emberlynn is doing.  Well although we do not have her weight or height measurements, we do think she has actually gained!

She feels heavier and even her clothes (6 months mainly!) are fitting MUCH better.  She even is starting to get more toddler-esque features.

In just the week that we have done the iron and multivitamin, I along with Jason and Jen have noticed that her temperament is much more calm.  This weekend was full of family events and truthfully I am normally having to hold her all the time with constant tantrums and death grips on me when someone else grabs her.  God forbid I need to use the restroom and need to put her down.  However, this weekend I was able to hand her off, pee in peace and even put her on the ground for her to have some independent play time.  Jen has also noticed that Emberlynn has been calmer.

Our pediatrician told us that one of the reasons she could be acting so dramatic (yes! That is a great descriptor of our peanut) is because low iron can cause mood changes and even depression.

I am eager to get her weighed next month and eager to run some more blood work and see if the iron really was the issue.  Until then we just keep trucking along, hoping for more growth.  I am shooting for her to be in size 2 diapers by the end of May!