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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I kept quiet the last couple days.  For no reason in particular, other than it is OFFICIALLY SUMMER and I go from being a crazy busy working mom to a crazier busier stay at home mom.  After a not so glamorous school year I was ready to kick off summer with my babies and so a friend of mine and I packed up our kiddos and headed out to the wonderful Denver Zoo and had a fantastic day.  The monkeys, OMG, the monkeys!  Seriously the photos I captured are just too adorable for words.  Enjoy our little trip!

Denver Zoo Monkeys
This little one just was so cute trying to take a nap

Denver Zoo Monkeys
If only we had opposable toes right?

Denver Zoo Monkeys
Awe these two just melted my heart

Oh and of course my little monkeys!

Eyan loved watching "Hesty" the baby orangutang

And then there is this little bossy pants.