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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Recap

In our household, Mother's Day is a bit tough.  Not for me, shoot, I relish in being the center of attention.  However, for my husband this day is notoriously a tough day for him.  We are approaching year 5 that his mom has been gone.  Although I know the hurt and sadness of missing his mom is still very raw, over the past few years he has slowly been able to really work through those emotions and be an even stronger more supportive and loving husband and father.

Today, on one of the roughest days of the year for him, he really prevailed and made a fantastic day for me.  He worked an overnight shift and got home at 8:00 am.  He had beautiful flowers and a card from "the kids" and also managed to hide Eyan's gift that he made me in preschool this past week.  He then proceeded to cook one of my favorite breakfasts as well as prepare dinner in the CrockPot.  We ate a nice breakfast and Jason went to bed.  I cleaned and relaxed while the baby took a FOUR HOUR nap (what, is this my child?).  Eyan took a short nap as well and played quietly without the TV on the rest of the time.  Midday we met up with my mom and went shopping.  I came home to a delicious smelling house and wonderful dinner.  We then finished cleaning upstairs (I love cleaning on Sundays) and put the kids to bed.  It was great, I feel relaxed, my house is spotless and wonderful and my kids are happy and sleepy.

Pretty pretty

He signed his NAME!  Oh My, I just melted. seriously are they not just perfection.