Talks With Teachers: Week 2 |We Got the FUNK

Monday, May 19, 2014

Talks With Teachers: Week 2

Week one's challenge was to just reflect.  Which I did here.  Week two challenged us to make a list of Summer activities.

1. Spend quality UNPLUGGED time, with these two 

2. Get full use of our zoo and museum memberships and catch shows and exhibits we have not spent time doing.

3. Finish renovating the meth camper and take our first family camping trip!

4. Plan and execute an epic but budget friendly 30th birthday bash!

5. Purge my house of unnecessary crap.  

6. Continue to grow my blog as not only my personal little share haven but a secondary income.

7. Establish a real date night with the hubby!  I miss that man!

8. Continue to work on flipping my classroom and growing in my practice as a teacher.

9. Spend more time with friends.  Reestablish those friendships.

10. Try 1 new recipe a week!  Time to spice things up.