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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Talks With Teachers {Week 3}

As I wrote before I have been participating in these awesome weekly challenges to recharge my teaching spirit and help me focus at the end of what has easily been the hardest year of my teaching career.   

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This weeks focus was "Habits."  Our goal was to come up with a habit to help keep our sanity and share daily within our little Facebook group.

Yeah, so I failed miserably.  I thought about it all week and literally was so spent from the final week with students that honestly I think my only habit was pure survival.  To say last week and this year has been easy would be a serious understatement.  This year owned me and disappointed me and was by far one that I never want to ever repeat again.  I failed.  I didn't fail my students, I failed myself.  I had expectations and plans that were basically pushed to the side so that I would just be able to survive.  So when this final week hit, all my survival skills kicked in and it was just a massive goal to keep myself going to work.  For the first time in a long time work was actually work and I hated that.

So I think my habit (although very late in the creation) is to do things each week that help me regain my teacher confidence and build my teaching toolbox.  This week I am going to focus on staying positive.  I tend to self-talk a lot and can easily down talk myself into a crappy place.  This week I am going to really keep my self-talk positive.

I think it is a good long term habit.  Any particular habits you all care to share?