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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Emberlynn: 15 Months and FTT Update

On Thursday our tiny little peanut will be officially 15 months old!  It has flown by like crazy.  We are still battling the Failure to Thrive diagnosis however, after yesterday appointment I feel like we might be winning!

At 15 months Emberlynn is actually thriving!  She is finally growing (stats below) she is developing well.  She has been starting to talk (daddy, papa, auntie, uh-oh, shit <--thank and="" auntie="" doing="" is="" p="" this:="" you="">

Sure she is a bit wobbly, but over the last week, she is finally deciding that walking is way more fun then crawling!  The toughest thing we are dealing with on this aspect is finding shoes that actually fit (size 1's) and are durable for walking.  Although she has grown, she is still relatively tiny and dressing her can be quite the challenge.  Diaper size is between 1 and 2's, clothing is leaning more towards 6 months, however, she can fit in a lot of clothes that are 3-6 and oddly enough even some newborn and 0-3 month clothes with certain brands.

Yesterday's appointment went fantastic, which with how the last 6 months has gone, is incredibly comforting. She is up 1 lb 12 oz in 10 weeks and her height is about the same (although it appears that she has gotten shorter, the previous calculations were done using an old school method, so yeah).  Her head circumference is growing right along her curve and she is growing wonderfully!  Best news is that WE MADE THE CHARTS!

As for her blood work, the last 1,000 times (ok like 4) they have done blood work something has been crazy out of whack, but yesterday, was a miracle!  Emberlynn's crazy blood is mostly normal.  A few things are still a bit on the high side, but the doctor said that it could be due to her recent cold.  In addition, when she got her blood drawn yesterday, she didn't even flinch or cry or anything, she just let them take 4 vile. For the rest of June she will continue her iron supplement and her multivitamin as well as her crazy teenage boy eating habits.  At the end of June we are going to switch to a multivitamin with a lower iron dosage and recheck her labs at 18 months to make sure all has returned to normal (unless of course she loses weight between then and now...which means a different route all together).  

Bottom line, we are not all the way done with failure to thrive, but we are seeing an amazing change in our tiny peanut.  She is growing, she is thriving and she is perfect.  Thank you to everyone for the fantastic support and advice.  These last 6 months have been awful and scary.  I could not have gotten through the worst of it without everyones support.



  1. YAY!!! Great update! She is adorable!

  2. Thanks Censie. You know how much I value your support. <3


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