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Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day Recap

I hope all of my awesome readers had a great day with their loved ones and made it a little extra special for the Father's in their lives, I know we did! Our day started out relatively slow.  Jason got up and headed out to my parents to work on our camper renovation some more (pics to come soon) and the kids and I enjoyed a slow morning with cartoons and pancakes.  The baby took a nap, Eyan and I did a craft and took baths and got everyone ready just in time for Jason to meet us back at home to head over to the festivities.

Before we left, Eyan wanted to give his daddy the gift we made.  I was super easy and only about $10.00 to make.  I took the photos myself and then went to town in 3 easy steps. 

Fathers Day Plaque, Wooden Plaque
Step 1: Gather supplies, then using the Mod Podge, coat the edge of the wood to secure the bark.
Step 2: Cut out the photos and mod podge them onto one side.
Step 3: Either write or print and mod podge a little survey for your kids to take and fill it out with your kids.  Mod podge over it. 
Eyan gave his daddy the plaque and Jason loved it.  It was perfect and he said he cannot wait to hang it in the man cave.  I was hoping for the camper, but his gift, he chooses.  After the gift we headed out to my parents to start the festivities.  Eyan made sure Papa got his plaque too and my daddy teared up a bit when he read what Eyan said about him.  It was just too precious.

I also managed to get some adorable photos of the kids and am really falling in love with my DSLR.  I think I am getting pretty decent too, but I will leave the professional ones to Krista!

From there the festivities really took off.  I cooked an amazing shrimp, steak and macaroni salad dinner for 13 adults (whew) and then we just enjoyed the beautiful Colorado weather, amazing company and some fantastic music from great friends.

Happiest Father's Day to you and yours!



  1. Love the wooden plaques - such a unique gift!

  2. Looks like ya'll had a blast and what a cute gift! My Mr. had to work this Father's Day so we have to celebrate later.

  3. What a great wooden Father's Day present. That will be cherished forever and ever. I LOVE Mod Podge. You can really make some great things with it!

  4. Hi Laura!! Thanks so much for taking the time to vote for Star!! I appreciate it!
    Love your Father's Day gift, and your kids are absolutely adorable :))


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