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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fathers Day Picture Coaster

I have a fantastic idea for Jason's Father's Day gift, but it is a secret, so unfortunately I will not be debuting it here until after the day.  But I did do something else for him for his Man Cave that I really loved and I think would be a quick and easy gift for the dad in your life.

Fathers Day Gifts, Picture Coasters, Man Cave coasters

Picture Coasters!  You have seen these and they are so easy and cheap!  Most stores carry these and they are usually under $5.00!  I found mine at the local thrift store, brand new...$1.00!

I want Jason's man cave to really continue the flow of our house while still maintaining the manliness that the room demands (you know because the play room and the man cave are in the same room).  Jason has had his eyes on some really nice pictures at Bass Pro Shop of a little kid in the country hunting that he always says reminds him of Eyan.  That gave me the idea to actually stage some photos!  I headed out to my parents and took some fantastic shots of the kids.

I then just printed them at home in the size the coaster frames called for and inserted them in.  It was super easy, and Jason absolutely loves them.

Fathers Day Gifts, Picture Coasters, Man Cave coasters

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