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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Favorite! LINK UP!

I am so excited to bring you a fun and easy link up each week along with my friend Camilla from Colorado Springs Tours and Reviews!

The basics are that it MUST be family friendly, but otherwise please link whatever your favorite post was from the week.  It could be a picture, a review that you are proud of, something that you just need a few more clicks on for promotional purposes, a craft you are excited about or a delicious recipe. The ideas of what you can link up are endless and truly it is very open.

I know that I am eager to read and learn more about the amazing bloggers that follow me and I hope you are excited too!



  1. Would love a few more entries from swing dance fanatics!!!

    1. Make sure to link it up using the "In Linkz" link above :)


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