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Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Minutes Bathroom Cleaning

Are you struggling to keep up on daily chores and need a quick way to get through the nitty gritty, while still maintaining your sanity.  Yeah, me too.

quick, bathroom, cleaning, tutorial

OCD.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterized by many things; for me it is cleanliness and obsessing over minor situations.  Many of my readers have asked about how I manage to clean all the time and keep up with my duties at work, give my kids attention as well as write this blog (and all the social media that come with it).  So I thought I would do a mini series on the sometimes daily cleaning activities that help me keep my sanity and really are super short but make my life easier.  Today I am going to take you through how I keep up with the 4 bathrooms in our house in between major cleaning days.

As stated above, I can quickly clean each of my bathrooms in about 2 minutes using just 3 items that I keep in each bathroom.  Toilet bowl cleaner (and brush obviously), disinfecting wipes and paper towels are my quick go to tools to keep up my bathrooms picked up in between the major cleanings.  I do this 1-2 times a week and usually just do it if I have a couple minutes of down time. For anyone that is planning on trying this, you need to start this after you have done a major deep cleaning.  Doing this to a dirty bathroom is just not really possible to keep it within the time frame.

Part 1: Disinfect

  • I am a germ-a-phobe (although I am getting much better with this) so I live for these wipes. Grab a wipe and first wipe down the counters, then the common touch areas that your family touches all the time (sink, light switch, door knobs and even cabinet doors)  We are not looking for perfect here, just a nice quick wipe down.  This part takes me all of 30-45 seconds.
quick, Bathroom, cleaning, tutorial

Part 2: Clean Toilet

  • Using another disinfecting wipe, wipe down the entire toilet.  I start at the top and wipe the entire water tank, flush handle, and then the main seat.  I then wipe the bottom part of the toilet (where it attaches to the ground). I usually use 2 wipes (1 for the tank and toilet seat lid and one for the undersides)
  • Then grab your toilet bowl cleaner and do a quick spray and scrub.  Nothing fancy and if you did the deep clean, this doesn't need to be fancy.
  • This takes me about 1 minute total.

Part 3: Shine it up

  • Inevitably, your mirrors and other shiny areas will get water spots or other dirt and this is where the paper towels come in.  I have found a little water goes a long way to shine up the mirrors and faucets.
  • Using 2 paper towels, wet one and leave one dry.  Wipe the mirror and the faucet with the wet one and then use the dry one to remove the streaks.  This takes like 15-30 seconds.
quick, Bathroom, cleaning, tutorial

Viola! a quickly clean bathroom in 2 minutes.  It is not perfect but it will hold you over until you get a good 5-10 minutes to scrub floors and really get into the nitty gritty.



  1. haha! I already use those products. LOVE them! :-)

  2. I normally do all of this while the kids play in the bath. I have also been known to get a basket or two of laundry folded while they play in the tub too. Thanks for sharing your tips. :)

    1. Oh Misty! Before Emberlynn I totally did the same thing. I cannot wait until she gets a bit more sturdy to regain my cleaning routine!

  3. Quick and easy. I do it while my kids take a bath too- I love breaking cleaning down in to 5 or 10 minute jobs. Makes life good.

    1. I am planning to do a mini series on this! My kitchen is up next...I am slightly nervous :)

  4. Right! They are my total favorites! I love the Up brand more than the clorox or lysol!


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