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Monday, July 14, 2014

Awakening Foster Kelly {Book Review}

I was elated when author Cara Rosalie Olsen contacted me to review her book Awakening Foster Kelly. In just reading the prologue I was interested in what this vivid author was about to share.  Awakening Foster Kelly delivered! 

Book Review, Awakening Foster Kelly, Cara Rosalie Olsen

You would think that as a teacher, I would have time to read books and just live for reading, but sadly, if I get to read 1 book a year, I am doing well.  There is no time and when Cara contacted me back in January and sent me the book, I was hoping that I could get the book read within about a month, but with all the deaths, school and my kids owning me, it was just not possible.  However, our trip to Mexico with no kids, no quality internet and no plans made for a great time to really get into this awesome story. 

I had started and stopped the novel so many times that really getting into the book took me a bit of time. However, once I was invested, I could not put the book down.

The story chronicles the life of Foster Kelly, a shy girl who doesn't mind being invisible and just doing her own thing.  She comes from a relatively normal family but is thrust into a friendship with the super popular Emily and Jake, who bring comic relief and a bit of enjoyment into our little Fosters life.  These guys do not disappoint with some of the hysterics coming out of their mouths and I somewhat identified with the tough front that Emily puts on to protect her friends and family. 

Enter Dominic, the seemingly villainous character in the book.  You would think that just one interaction with this boy would leave Foster to avoid him at all costs, but over time a love story develops and Dominic guides Foster through her growth as a 17 year old, shy musician discovering her first love.  This part of the story is gripping and so well written.  You actually feel like you are in the story with the way that Cara writes. 

The ending...GAH the ending, I.Just.Can't.  Maybe I am naive but I never saw that coming.  Seriously grab a copy today, because I am not about to share this with you.  

Overall, I truly enjoyed the book and will be recommending it to my students as I think it has a lot of great lessons in it for teenagers.  I think the book is geared a bit more towards our young adults for sure.  The book is VERY long but worth the time that you put in.  It is not a one sit read even for the best of readers at 702 pages!  However, I think the flow of the book and the way in which Cara describes the characters and settings in the story are necessary and work with the theme of Fosters life. 

If you are interested in reading this awesome book, please visit Awakening Foster Kelly's Website.  There you can purchase and read synopsis' of some of the characters as well as the prologue.  It is a great book website!


Disclosure:  I received a copy of Awakening Foster Kelly for free for review.  As always all opinions are my own and were not swayed by any outside source.