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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happiness Lately

Whew, last week was insane with sponsored and promotional posts.  I apologize, but there were a ton of deadlines and I am working towards using this little space to supplement our regular income.  However, this is and always will be my ultimate space to share life's up's and down's and today I think I want to share what is making me happy lately.

First off, I am getting much better with my DSLR, the only thing that totally sucks is that sometimes the natural light in my house sucks and my photos are a bit dark.  I have been really working on the editing aspect and although I am learning, that is a huge curve.  These photos below are totally #nofilter!

My sweet sleeping Lily.  This girl just is a lover lately and has even been known to snuggle right up to Eyan while he is napping.

Oh our wild child!  Mia is still so beautiful, but darn this dog cannot stop fence fighting with our annoying neighbors dog.  Regardless of how many discussions and agreements we have had with said neighbor, nothing is being followed through with on their part, so unfortunately we had to buy a shock collar.  The fighting has pretty much ceased and I have only had to shock her 1x.  She understands the warning vibration and backs off.  We just need some peace and I am so fearful that Mia will kill the neighbors dog and then I would have to put her down that this is our last resort to create peace. 

Are you kidding me that I have a toddler and that she is this adorable?  I mean a sippy cup?  Those teeth? Her eyes.  GAH!  This one is going to be trouble and is already giving me a run for my money.  Her vocabulary and her motor skills have grown leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and although she is still so tiny she is just so fun and such a toddler!

This truck and my daddy and my boy.  This truck is my great-grandpas and my daddy had it repainted.  The interior was in mint condition and it looks so good.  Many camping trips were had in this truck and tons of memories.  My dad is passing this onto Eyan when the time comes and it makes me so happy.  

Cow Appreciate Day!  Can I tell you that I think I might spend next summer being super frugal for the fun of it.  After having a wonderful and fun day on 7/11, I was kinda hooked!  I loved participating in all the free stuff that 7/11 had to offer from free Slurpees at 7-11 to free meals at Chick Fil A just for dressing like a cow!  I am not kidding, I am already starting to look into this and doing a series next year and I am going to do two free and fun activities a week with my kids from here until I go back to work.

This boy.  He will always be my first baby and just makes me so happy daily. Lately he is just full of life and has such a gigantic imagination.  He adores play dates and snuggles.  I just want to hug and kiss him all day!

Hope we made you smile a bit today.  Happy day!