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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camping Overview

Some of my friends witnessed my sister tag me in some pretty hysterical photos from our camping trip.  We really had a great time enjoying our refurbished camper and the beautiful Colorado summer.  I just want to preface this with the fact that I was not completely sober in some of these photos (obviously). Jason was, so that is good right; I mean someone has to be a responsible parent.

This kids and the dog-nephew just driving around camp.  Let me tell you that these little people are ADDICTED to the outdoors and ATVing.  Eyan already has his real gas-powered 4-wheeler and the tiny peanut is probably aiming to steal it.

Ok seriously, could she be any cuter.  I am literally dying over how hysterical her outfit is.  She insisted on that hat and adores those darn shoes.  Oh and then the bib!  GAH!

And him...this little man steals my heart daily.  He loves camping, loved the camper, and just truly enjoyed the outdoor time.

And then there were smores.  Eyan was not super interested but the peanut ate the heck out of these. Melted marshmallow EVERYWHERE!

Happy Baby!

Some flowers were blooming so I did a couple test shots with my DSLR and I feel like this one turned out nice.  Colorado really is a stunning state to live in!

Another test shot of the river that we fished.  It was a challenging little river as most of us are more lake and pond fisherman, and a couple fishing poles, several lures and some bait were sacrificed to earn the 2 fish that were caught (and released).

Eyan and Papa catching their first fish together!  It was a huge trip highlight.  My dad has been waiting for this day for 20 years!

Happy guys!  

If someone asked me to describe my family, this photo is 100% accurate.  Always together, always laughing, and always having a good time!

Camping was great, I was not able to go on the ATV's because I broke myself, but we all enjoyed just hanging out, eating, fishing and hanging at the campfire, enjoying some glow frisbee, corn-hole and a bit of a spirit!

I cannot wait to go again, I love my family! (P.S. somehow the hubby is not in any photos, except for one of him and Eyan peeing, which I decided to leave off, but it is classic)!


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  1. This looks like such a fun trip! I love casual trips with family.. I feel like the best memories are made!


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