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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eclipse Sunshades #Review

A couple years ago I was driving with a friend and we parked and she pulled this amazing accordion windshield sun shade from the side of her window and I was in love without knowing a darn thing about it.  My friend and I do not get to hang out as often as I would like and typically I have to drive to meet them because my little ones and their car seats make it difficult to ride with anyone, so although it was love at first sight, my mommy brain forgot all about the sun shade.  Fast forward to the present and a wonderful summer of playdates with the friend where I remembered the beautiful wonderful car sun shade, and I just HAD TO HAVE ONE!

Eclipse Sunshade
Side note: my car is actually clean, I have NO clue what is reflecting in the paint :/
Do you see how beautiful this shade is?  This is the Eclipse Sunshade and is literally one of the best inventions ever.  It is by far one of my favorite items I have ever reviewed and I could not be any more excited to share everything I know about it with you!

First of all the windshield sun shades are custom fit to your vehicle within 1 inch depending on a few things:
1. Make and model of vehicle
2. Do you have a windshield rain sensor?
3. Do you rock the carpeted dashboard?
Ordering is simple and the customer service is fast, friendly and thorough.  I let them know that I needed to replace my windshield as well and they even sent me extra mounting brackets.  I mean I did not even ask, they just were awesome and sent those!  Oh and there is also a 1 year warranty should anything arise and the fantastic company is great about replacing parts as needed even past the warranty!

Installation was literally a snap and was easily done with one hand while I fumbled with my phone camera and made a general fool of myself.  You do not need ANY tools and it was so insanely easy to follow the directions and install this amazing car sun shade.

The sun shade itself is durable, made of quality materials and even after a few rough episodes with Eyan thinking they would be really cool light-sabers while I pumped gas, the sun shades work and spring back as if I have not been using them 10x a day and showing them off to everyone I see!  I may have even stopped a couple at King Soopers the other day that were complaining about how hot their seats were and showed them my Eclipse Sunshade.

The Eclipse Sun Shade attaches directly to your windshield using 3M adhesive mounting brackets and easily snaps on and off of those brackets.  They stay out of the way of your line of vision very well and if they do bother you, the fact that you can just take them off and put them back on within a couple seconds is great.  You hardly notice them on the vehicle until they are closed.  I love that I do not have to store those huge, ugly and sometimes slightly dangerous sunshades in my vehicle.  These are compact, they retract on their own and do a fantastic job of shading my car and keeping it cool.

They are super simple to close and open as well!  Also the sound on the video makes the sound paper-esque and loud.  They really are not either of those and when my back in not in crazy pain, opening and closing them goes much faster and easier.

I would rate this product a 10/10 for convenience, durability, usage, style, customer service and really everything.  Please check Eclipse Sunshades out on their website and Facebook.  They are a truly wonderful company and I was so happy they were willing to work with me!  Thank you!


Eclipse Sunshades provided me with a product for free for the purpose of review.  All thoughts, ideas, opinions and virtual property here are my own and were not influenced!