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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emberlynn's 1st Hair Cut!

Ok so this is terrible, but I think I am in a bit of denial that my little girl got her 1st haircut.  Literally, I just didn't want to do it but the baby mullet was just ridiculous and it needed to be done.  Eyan and I had appointments with my aunt on Aug 2nd so after some prodding from ALL the stylists, I agreed to get a little trim done on the baby's hair.

My aunt is amazing and my kids just love her.  Emmi did so great and just sat right in that chair playing with a comb while my aunt gave the baby her very first hair cut (trim)!

Sitting so well for Auntie Kelly

Only a few snips of hair but mama almost cried

Looking at herself in the mirror getting her hair styled

Literally this was the best "after" photo I could find.  The kids have been dodging photos lately.
I am SO thankful for my Aunt Kelly and her awesome skills, she is so great with my babies and both Eyan and Emberlynn just adore her.  Thank You Kelly for making us beautiful! <3 br="">


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  1. We got a baby mullet going on at our house too! I probably should get it but, but I think I'm in denial too! haha.


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