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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorite 8/1/14

How on Earth did we make it to August already?  I mean seriously AUGUST! I cannot believe that Camilla  and I have been getting to know so many of you, but I wouldn't trade that for anything.  I am so appreciative of the relationships that we are building with everyone who is linking up.  One of those relationships has lead to our co-host for this month, Dina from Blueberries and Bokeh!  We are ELATED for her to be joining us.  Thank you Dina!

I just want to thank each and everyone of you for linking up each week and sharing a little bit of your work and happiness with us.  Please continue to spread the word about this blog hop and make sure to visit a few of the folks who link up this week .

Each week we feature one of you as our Friday Favorite of the Week!

This weeks Friday Favorite is Elizabeth from Balm to my Soul, who submitted the amazing German Pancakes last week and has been a loyal contributor to our little blog hop.  It has been wonderful to read her links and follow her story. Make sure to check her out and send her a little congrats for winning this weeks Friday Favorite!

Congrats Elizabeth and Thank you so much for linking up last week!  Please grab your badge.

Grab our button people!  We are getting famous over here :)

Also last week we did a bonus link up with Google+ profiles, that was awesome (but OMG, I totally did not link my own.  Clearly I needed more sleep!)  This week we thought it would be awesome to link a specific Google+ post that you loved this week.  We can +1 and comment all over those, so feel free to throw one of those down too!