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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hurt Back?

It feels like the entire summer I have been dealing with the most painful lower back/hip pain I have ever had.  I told Jason I would rather go through labor again without the epidurals with hard back labor again, then ever have my back feel this way again.  I still stand by that statement.

This weekend again my back became inflamed and of course nothing I needed to get accomplished got done.  I have literally tried everything and worked with our network of doctors to hopefully get a handle on this.  It is so difficult to chase around 2 kids and keep up on the house and actually get work done in relation to both this blog and my real job as a teacher.  It is painful to sit, it is painful to stand, and some laying positions are also painful.  I am not getting very good sleep because my back is always in pain.  It has been a rough go here.

This week I am hoping to get in with my primary care physician and ask for an MRI because with all of this pain and every thing that I have tried and the fact that I just feel generally awful, it is time to see if something worse is going on.

I guess I am asking for prayers of healing and answers here.




  1. I have had chronic back problems since my early 20s, and I know how miserable it can be. I hope they can figure out what is causing it and it is an easy fix! Wishing you a pain free day!

  2. I urge you to read the book Healing back pain by dr John sarno. It cured my back problems of 4 years in which I had an MRI, injection, chiropractic, physical therapy and lots of other things. If you follow the principles it will work! Acupuncture also helps with pain relief and dealing with some of the stuff in the book. I'd love to talk to you more about it if you want.

  3. I have had lower back issues too since having my kids... I have had to stop working out because of it, which is so annoying to me. I have been taking anti inflammatories and seeing a chiropractor, so the pain isnt constant anymore. I am so sorry you are dealing with it!! :(


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