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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It is that time again

Today I am putting on my teacher face and heading back to work.  I will say that I am not ready this year.  I really enjoyed this summer and really hoped we could agree to let me go part time at work.  Alas my husband and his realistic and excitable planned future made the choice pretty easy.  We like traveling and so I am back to work.

Ok that last part was a bit of a joke if you didn't get the sarcasm.  I am really not ready to go back to work, but I know for my sanity and for my children it is important that I do.  I have felt my anxiety and frustrations with them increasing and my need to have more adult interaction and time from my babies also increasing.  I know this is good for all of us and boy do they just MISS their Jen.  They got to stay the night at her house a couple weeks ago and had the best time ever.  She just spoils the heck out of them and is so good with them.  Eyan is also ready for school to start.  He misses his friends and probably the routine (cause you know donuts and random errands and TV are not exactly a routine).

This year is going to be challenging.  I am going into this year with a bit of a biter taste in my mouth from last year.  I am teaching almost ALL freshmen with a few sophomores and juniors mixed in with a new class to prep for that I have not taken a class on myself since I was in high school and have a ridiculous amount of high needs students in my classes.

I am still flipping my biology classes and although I have a year of it under my belt, my nerves are still high.  I am also starting grad school and have no clue how all of this will fit in with my current life of full time teaching, serving on 2 school committees, parenting two littles, being a wife and crazy OCD lady, blogging and actually enjoying life.  I know that I can do it but I am sure it will be a challenge.

I have a few goals this year, some are a bit stupid and selfish and others are good.

  1. Get up 15 minutes earlier then normal and make coffee and enjoy a real breakfast. I feel like I was rushing all last year and never took care of myself, so I am hoping this helps.
  2. Pack the kids bags the night before (I was great about this until winter break was all downhill from there).
  3. Dress up. I love jeans.  I love comfy clothes and shoes and low maintenance hair and make up.  I literally LOVE it, but the look is frumpy and does not exactly LOVE me.  If am going to wear jeans, I am going to accessorize the hell out of my outfit, actually do something cute with my hair and maybe add some dang foundation to my make up routine. Kinda like this:
    It's not much but darnet I feel good when I try
  4. Keep a positive attitude 85% of the time (yeah that is a HUGE increase from last year when my world fell apart and I was entirely too negative and broken).  I figure start small.
  5. Release the negativity around me.  I read an interesting article a long long time ago about auras and how people who work in service tend to need more down time to cleanse their auras of all the negativity that they absorb daily.  It can be remedied by just releasing the negativity regularly and distancing yourself from those that suck more energy then they are giving.  I plan to "ground" myself 1x a week at work with some quiet reflective time to re-energize and refocus. 
  6. Go back to being a classroom management bad-ass. Last year I sucked.  This year I will call parents constantly, utilize my deans and classroom management skills much more.  I was shit last year, this year I will have well ran classrooms if it kills me.  I used to be a champ at this.  I have no clue what happened last year.
  7. Stop wasting so much time.  I think this year I wasted ridiculous amounts of time on tons of things. I also spent entirely too much time over analyzing and worrying instead of coming up with a solution.  I think I needed the reflection but I know what I am doing, I know that I am a good teacher and that time is a commodity that I need to respect more.
  8. Give my students my all.  I didn't last year.  I really didn't and there was a point that I just didn't even care.  I gave up and they knew it.  Too much energy into things that ultimately didn't matter drained me and killed my passion.  This year I will work hard at this.  Also I am not going to be the teacher assistant (TA) magnet.  I had 9 students as TA's this past year and literally it was such a drain of my energy to convince those kids to do a job they signed up for.  This year I will have a max of 2 and have already hand selected those kids. 
I know there is a few more goals that I have kinda set here and there, but for now, this list is extensive yet very attainable for me.  It is not like I have not accomplished these goals before.  I can do this, we can do this.  Let's go 2014-2015 school year, I will OWN you!


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  1. You have set fantastic goals for yourself! I agree when I dress up a bit for work I feel so much more energized and confident. As for staying positive, I have found that a thankful journal helps. Just write down 10 things each night you are thankful for. You can be super short, and it can be anything, something big and important or something dumb.. like you liked the way your hair looked. Then you go to bed with all these positive thoughts in your head and I swear it carries over. Made a huge difference for me. ;) Have a wonderful school year!!


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