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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

That time I broke myself

I apologize for the lack of posting these last couple days.  I hurt myself bad and have been pretty down and out.  How you ask?

Well I think I did it a long time ago and just so happened to be doing a lot of work lately and inflamed the heck out of it.  Mainly sewing these:

You see my wonderful amazing talented husband likes a project and I wrote about our camper renovation plans here.  I am now fairly certain that we bought a camper probably owned by Walter White (holla to my Breaking Bad fans)!  We have literally fixed everything you can imagine on it.  We have redone the floor, new rims and tires, the electrical, a fridge, rebuilt the bathroom, the furnace, cleaned, painted, redid the cushions, made all the curtains (including these damn roman shades), made screens for every window and probably 10,000 other things that I can hardly remember.

So it easy to see why my back is in very bad shape.  It hurts to sit and Monday I was actually in SO much pain that I told my husband I would rather have 7 days of back labor than what I was dealing with.  No I am not kidding, the pain was that bad.  After two 3-hour trips to the chiropractor, massage therapist and an acupuncturist, I am feeling almost normal.  I can actually move around and I can take care of my kids.  The pain was unreal and even sitting down at the computer was literally a pain. 

I am putting some finishing touches on the camper this week and will do a reveal of it next week!  I know we will not have EVERYTHING done (ehhhh like the valances), but for the most part it is done and beautiful and we are so excited. 

I have a Dial giveaway coming up and the Piczzle Picture Puzzle giveaway ending tonight.  Make sure to enter!



  1. Glad to hear your back is feeling better! After weeks of road tripping and camping my shoulders and neck got so tense I could hardly turn my head in any direction. It was miserable! So yay for feeling better! Take care of yourself :)

  2. Brutal, I am so sorry! You think you bought the Breaking Bad camper, that is too funny!


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