18 month Update |We Got the FUNK

Monday, September 22, 2014

18 month Update

Oh you know, it is only September 22nd and Emmi turned 18 months on the 11th so I am less then two weeks off from this update.  Sometimes keeping up with this child is rough, in more ways than one.

At 18 months:

  • She is RUNNING, after her brother, her dogs, her food, to her mom, just because, down the driveway, away from her mom,  You get it? She is busy.
  • She is chatting up a storm.  Half the time you have no clue what she is saying and then the other half, she is clear as day and speaking in sentences.  Today she told my aunt "I want mama" after I took her brother on the skating floor and left her for all of 10 minutes.  She repeats pretty much anything she feels like repeating but I better not dare ask her to repeat it in front of someone. 
  • She is my sister.  No I am not joking.  They are two peas in a pod with their mannerisms, attitude and head strong personalities.  She gets what she wants when she wants it or YOU will hear about it.  Pro tip: she actually loves my sister a whole lot and runs to her all the time!
  • She is sleeping awful.  I thought she was my perfect sleeping baby, but instead in the last few weeks her adjustment to me heading back to work has not been great.  So far she has been up 6 times since I put her to bed 2 hours ago.  God help us folks. 
  • She is my most favorite little girl in the ENTIRE world.  She lights up my day and makes me smile, she makes me a better mom and has taught me patience that I apparently didn't learn the 1st time around.  She loves her brother more then anything in the world and he feels the exact same way.  She is independent and I can respect the heck out of that.  She wants to do things and learn things her own way and living in a world that is not quite her size yet this is a challenge but she is conquering those challenges and I am so proud. 
  • She LOVES Mickey Mouse.  Like has a routine in place and can ask for him so sweetly that you are willing to watch 6 episodes (of which she actually watches only 6 minutes TOTAL), just because she asked so sweetly.
  • She is a hungry hungry hippo.  The girl eats, and eats, and eats, eats, eats.  Today I am fairly certain she ate my entire pantry.  I have never seen a kid eat like she does.  She loves food, where the food goes, no one is quite sure but man does this kid love to eat.  
  • She hid pacifiers from me.  Well technically just one and it is not one of those gumdrop ones that we had been using the past year, so when I found it in her bed it was world war 3. Basically this battle will rage on with me probably losing for quite sometime. 
  • She has her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger.  They growl and yell and wrestle and then snuggle and watch Mickey and eat all the food together.
  • She has grown folks.  from 16.15 at 15 months to 19.4 at 18 months!  We are in the 9th percentile!  I mean NINTH folks, like almost to double digits; like if you line up 100 babies she would not be the last.  This is a big deal. 
    • It is a big deal because we are officially out of the FAILURE TO THRIVE diagnosis and on to the growing normal toddler stage!
    • It is a big deal because my 18 month old almost looks 18 months.  
    • It is a big deal because just a few months ago she was rocking 3 month clothing and today we are comfortable in 9 month clothing and moving toward 12 months!  Her shoe size jumped from newborn to sizes 2-3 (depending on the shoe).  She now wears size 3 diapers (slightly big) and she is much too tall for those 12 month pants (so now to fix the waistbands on all her pants).
    • It is a big deal because we are medication free!  
    • It is a big deal because she is healthy, she is happy and she is perfect and we could not be more blessed!
Thank you to everyone for all your support through these past 9 months.  It has been scary, it has been tough, at times not having answers almost destroyed me, but to see where we are now and to know how many of you were rooting for us, really helped.  Thank you again!