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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A little newsfeed break

It's almost like killing a piece of my "me" time but it's necessary.  Today I woke up, and just deleted the Facebook application from my phone.  Yes I'm still on Facebook, yes my blog page still operates, and yes I still have the messenger app, but that damn newsfeed was life sucking. 

It's almost as if I started to put to much of my time into other peoples' lives and not enough time into mine.  I think by deleting the app, I can put my energy and focus into more positive things in my life...you know, like my kids, grad school, work and even the poor pups laying at my feet this morning that I have not actually loved on in I cannot even remember. 

I'm not disconnecting from social media, just from the newsfeed, and my over dependence on the Facebook app to disconnect from life.  It's not fair that I spend time staring at my phone watching videos that carry no bearing to my actual happiness when I could be making my own of the things that make me happy (my kids and hubby).  It's not necessary that I read status' constantly about political items which I truly just don't care about and in doing this I just ignore the things I do care about.  It's not fair that sometimes I completely tune out to conversations from and with my husband because I just want to read 15 more peoples status', when the status that matters the most is the one of our marriage and family.  

I've gotta re-prioritize for a bit and figure this out.  If you need me I'm still on, just message me, call me, text me.  I'll still be blogging (focusing more here) and just finding a better social media balance.

Happy Sunday!