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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Big Things are Happening!

I mean BIG!

I mean that rock, is HUGE...also apologies for the iphone screenshot.

My little sister who used to be anti-wedding, anti-marriage and anti-haveallthebabies, got ENGAGED!!!  I cannot tell you enough how much we just absolutely love and adore the man she chose!  We are all so excited and I cannot wait for next year to stand by my sister and watch her exchange vows with a man who is just perfect for her.  I am eager to help with the planning and just all the things!

Oh and then my sweet, amazing, most favorite little boy in the entire world, started preschool again!  He is in the 4 year old classroom with his same teacher as last year (we really like her) and almost all the same classmates.  Apparently today was just a huge reunion of the kids missing each other and being so happy!

The boy insisted on the mowhawk and because this is year 2 of preschool, I just squared it!  This year we are told they will be working on phonics and hopefully be reading a few small books by the end of the year.  I am pretty confident this will happen with how last year went.  We just LOVE his preschool and Eyan loves his schoolmates.

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