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Monday, September 29, 2014

Grad School

You know sometimes I look at something and I think that I can handle it, along with ALL my current responsibilities.  Graduate school was one of those things I was TOTALLY sure I could handle.

Right now, I'm avoiding my homework, I'm writing this post because I am genuinely disinterested in the two lame classes I am required to take.  I even think my professors are annoyed they have to teach them as one has passed off her discussion board moderation duties onto the class and the other hasn't checked in or responded in almost 3 weeks. It's very difficult to enjoy a class where even the instructor makes it seem like a chore.

So you ask, "why don't you take classes on campus?"  Well various reasons, but the main one being that I literally just will not sacrifice any more of the precious face to face time that I have with my babies.  You know after I get home from work, I have about 2 hours to spend with them (if that) before bedtime and in those 2 hours it's usually time to pack bags for the next day, cook, eat and clean dinner, baths, books and bedtime.  So five days a week my kids see me for 10ish hours and I'm supposed to just give up those hours to go sit in a classroom?

Even learning by osmosis is boring...Just kidding...on the osmosis part!
Grad school currently sucks, I literally fall asleep reading about things that truly are boring and that I will not use in my day to day practice.  It's difficult figuring out how to apply this junk when it's literally not applicable to my classroom. People I'm trying, I really am but I need some motivation. HELP!