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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Hey everyone,
  • Lately there has been some fantastic things and great news happening to our family, however, with all of that there is of course that variable of perspective and challenge that comes.  I can't say much, only that I ask for your good juju, thoughts, prayers and whatever else you can send this direction.
  • Also I would love love love for you to share my little blog with your friends and family.  You all have no idea how much you mean to me and how much support you have given me over the last 3.5 years.  There has been numerous times where I considered about quitting and just walking away but stayed because one of you sent me a beautiful message or told me how much you enjoy my little piece of the interwebs.  I see so many blogs go "dead" all the time and it is really a bummer.  The only way these little blogs stay alive is through YOUR support and YOUR shares, so go ahead, follow me on all my social media accounts, share my posts, PIN my pictures and as always, know that I appreciate it and if I can help you out in anyway, just let me know in the comments.
  • Tell me what you guys want me to write about and I am all yours!!!  I love crafting and recipes and cleaning. My deep cleaning series was supposed to kick off in August, however, life stepped in (as it always does) and I feel like it is better placed before the holidays and all the crazy cleaning we do to get ready for family members and friends to visit.  Sometimes it is difficult to come up with great posts; writers block actually exists, ideas are super helpful.
  • I have a great review coming up with a fantastic product and a giveaway that the ladies of my blog are going to LOVE!  That is coming this week, so make sure to check back. 
  • I have been sick with this awful cold that everyone seems to be passing around for a week and literally there are days I feel like super woman and then there are days like today where I could crawl into bed and sleep for years.  
  • I think at this point today the quote below kind of speaks to me.  So much is happening, dwelling in the past is no good, we all must keep moving forward!