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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nap Schedule?

People, the afternoon preschool struggle is real.  This boy (my sweet little handsome man), is a holy terror after school and is killing us on the nap front.  Here is what our schedule is looking like.  We need some advice on tackling the no more naps that pre-school is taking place of.

5:45am: wake up and head to Jen's. Eyan is NOT a morning person that early and is quite the grump. 6:15ish: Jen feeds the hungry peanut and Eyan snacks too.
7-11: Playtime & lunchtime (at this point the boy is NOT tired, not even a little, in fact he is usually sweet as pie)
11-3:30: Pre-school time
3:30ish: I pick up the now crazy, grumpy, aggressive little boy.

From then on it is a literal battle of whiny complaints because he is ridiculously tired.  Sometimes he takes a quick 15 minute nap on the way home and then wakes the second we pull into the garage and refuses to take a nap.  It is killing us.  To add to this, he is struggling going to bed at 8:00 like we always do and he is fighting to sleep in his bed.  He sneaks into my bed 99% of the time.


We were stopped at a stop sign in the middle of the country when I snapped this photo.
Doesn't he just look exhausted?