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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The perfect graduation party for a Physicians Assistant

For the last 2 years one of my besties in the entire world has been in a very intensive PA (physicians assistant) program.  She finally did it and graduated on Friday and had the most adorable graduation party I have seen!
No clue what is happening to the colors in this picture?  But Shawna and my babies posing with our gift!
My mom and sister and I gave Shawna a cool gift to help her survive those long days on her feet. There was wine, champagne, pedicure and facial stuff, bath balls, and a little jewelry all squished in this antique doctors bag!

But our gift although really cool, was not near as cool as the decor of the party, courtesy of Shawna's mom and aunt!

1. Scrub for sign in book rather than a picture!
2. The food labels killed me: she had happy pills (m&m's), specimen cups (goldfish), Laxatives (mini kitkats), Hearts (jelly hearts), arteries (licorice), aspirin (dinner mints), the regular diet, IV fluids, and of course Iron drops (wine) and flu shots (jello shots)!  It was adorable!
3.  The card box was also too cute and my boy really really wanted to play with those!

What an adorable party with some great ideas.  I am so proud of my friend for all that she has accomplished!  GO SHAWNA!