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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trappers Day

My daddy is a softy and loves his family.  He also loves his old cars that he has restored over the last 30 years of my life.  All of these cars have a story, all of them he continues to register, plate and keep running.

Left to right: 1959 chevy Pick up, El Camino (forgot year), 1969 pontiac firebird, 1965 chevy pick up. 
Each year the little town that my parents, sister and Jen live in throw this huge celebration about the towns trapping heritage, complete with a car show, parade, town pig roast, vendor fair, kids area, silent auction and a few other events!  

My dad called weeks ago to plan a day for all of us to hang out at the car show, enjoy the day and have a nice family time.  We all packed into these beauties, and drove a few miles, parked and really did have a great family day!  My kids were spoiled as usual and truthfully kept getting stolen from me by grandma and auntie to go have fun while I answered questions about cars and hung with my handsome hubby and daddy. 

The baby enjoyed the large balloon for a real long time and that my friends is the ONLY picture I remembered to take of my children having a blast at this awesome day. 

Next year year I will take ALL.THE.PICTURES.  

Regardless the kids had a great time, my daddy had a wonderful time showing off all his loves (cars and family) and we had a great time visiting and celebrating with some fantastic people!