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Friday, September 5, 2014

Visit my friends

Howdy y'all!

Camille and I have decided to only run Friday Favorites during the summer.  As working parents it is SUPER difficult to find time in the day to promote the blog party hop and get people involved.  IT WILL RETURN, just for the summers :)

I have been reading all your lovely comments and trying to find time to respond to them and balance my newfound schedule (you know, blogging, teaching, parenting, grad school...) makes it very difficult.  I promise I read them, I love them and I appreciate them.

Since we are not doing Friday Favorites, I think it would be great to promote a couple bloggers periodically who I follow and who are doing a wonderful job.

My mentor in bloglandia is Censie from Building Our Story.  She has taken her small piece of the internet and really refined her audience and offers such an awesome variety of crafts and recipes as well as adorable pictures of Jude and Teagan!

One of my hugely loyal readers (and commenters) is Lauren over at Working Mom Magic.  I adore her blog, her kids are so cute and I identify so much with her.

Please make sure to pop over and say hi!