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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Planning Pt 1!

So something I did not share with you about my sisters engagement is that we all knew and have been kinda planning little things here and there.  They both knew they wanted the wedding to be set for next summer and that a year is a short time to plan a wedding with a guest list of upwards of 400 people.  So the new fiance', gave us the go ahead to start some tentative planning while we awaited the proposal!

One of the things we needed to sort of get nailed down in the location.  Ashley's fiances' family has a beautiful mountain house tucked away in a historic mining town here in Colorado.  Obviously this is their first choice, so we headed up there one weekend to check out the possible location and see what decor and theme we really needed to focus on.

We Goofed around for a little bit before getting down to work

Auntie Ashley and the peanut checking out the reception space which is currently a storage pole barn.

This will be the reception area with food, dancing and liquor.  There is also an upstairs loft which may be used as well.  What is great is that this barn is HUGE so if there is inclement weather, the ceremony can be held right in here. We have great ideas for decor and now just need to start collecting and executing.

And this...this is where my sister and her fiance will become man and wife.  In a beautiful prairie, with loved ones around and some gorgeous fourteeners to make this picture perfect. 

We are getting excited.  The next couple weeks we plan to nail down the dresses, centerpieces and a few other items.  What a happy time in our lives as we blend two families!