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Friday, September 26, 2014

Younique 3D Fiberlashes are my new LOVE #Review #Giveaway

I am part of an amazing mommy group and with their support I have really been working on making myself feel beautiful.  One of the moms in my group sells these fantastic 3D Fiber Lashes and offered them up for me to review.  I jumped on this!

One of my goals is to work on make up application in order to help me feel more beautiful.  I only really started wearing make up in the last couple years and I really kind of suck at it.  I do not have a skin care regime.  I literally put on cheap make up and wash it off when I shower.  That is it.

One of my main focuses is my eye make up application.  I think I have really pretty eyes and I love the color of them, so I figured those should be enhanced.  I realized last year that mascara and some eye shadow should ALWAYS be on my eyes when I leave the house.  My issue with my cheap make up is that it is just  It wears off easily, it flakes into my eyes and all over my face.  By the end of the day, my make up looks terrible, I look tired and really I needed something better that was fresh and vibrant!

Enter my trial with the 3D Fiber Lashes!  First of all, the application was easy.  It takes about 30 seconds longer then normal to apply these.  They are NOT fake eyelashes, this is actual mascara with some fibers added on.  I made a short video showing you how quick and easy they are to put on!

Second, the comparison of the lashes is proof enough that these are amazing and really give my eyes a vibrant volume and pop.  These lashes are LONG LASTING.  Confession time, I may have had a rough couple nights last week, and I may have not showered for 2 days (to clarify I showered the morning I put them on, and then not until the evening the next day)...and the 3D fiber lashes stayed on and looked amazing for those two days.  No reapplication, just amazing beautiful lashes!  You just cannot even compare these 3D fiber lashes to mascara.  They are gorgeous, long lasting and vibrant.

Removal is easy, they just wash off with your normal skin care routine.  Coconut oil is an easy remover as well as eye make up remover.  I just used soap and water and they came right off.  I got tons of compliments on my eyes and it felt amazing.  The lashes are super affordable at $29.00 a set and you can easily earn them by hosting an online party!

If you would like more information, to order or to book a party please contact my amazing mama friend Ashley on her website or Facebook!

Ashley has offered one of my amazing readers a chance to win a set of these fantastic 3D Fiber lashes, just by entering the giveaway tool below!!!

Good Luck!