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Monday, October 6, 2014

I had every intention

6 weeks ago I sat down and wrote this post about school year goals.  I had great intentions.  I figured I would be more pulled together this year because that baby was sleeping through the night and I had less preps to worry about at school.

Then school hit and here I am flailing around, exhausted, sick, overwhelmed and downright annoyed with myself.  It's like something happened after I had kids...oh yeah, I HAD KIDS! Best decision BTW, but chemically my brain has not recovered and my multitasking skills although still on point, are on point more in my mommy life then in my work/school life. 

So let's just revisit a couple of those silly goals.
Goal 1: Get up early, make coffee, eat breakfast and enjoy it. 
***reality: hit the snooze 3-4 times, jump out of bed realizing I have 15 minutes to shower and get ready. Brush teeth, jump in shower, shave 1/2 of one leg, forget to wash out conditioner, throw on a towel as I wave my hair around trying to get it to dry. Run downstairs and make coffee, feed dogs, unpack bags from day before and run back upstairs to blow dry hair while coffee is brewing. Get myself ready and get the bags, car and kids packed. Pour a cup of coffee grab a doughnut or granola bar and run out the door. 

Goal 2: Pack kids bags the night before
***reality: get outfits organized night before and sat them at the top of the stairs only to forget the dang socks or underware.  Slam the clothes into the kids bags and search for shoes at 6:05 (when I need to leave the house). 

Goal 3: dress up
***reality: I wear jeans 85% of the time but I'm trying to accessorize more and so this might be the only area I am successful at right now...I feel this area slipping.

Even those of us with the best of intentions slip up right. I'm rocking the rest of those goals and work is going well.  If only I could rock the homework, housework, mother of the year work a bit more!

At least this kid is smiling.