My lame attempt at the pumpkin patch. |We Got the FUNK

Monday, October 13, 2014

My lame attempt at the pumpkin patch.

I'm such a Debbie downer when my hubby can't come to family outings.  It's tough sometimes to single mom these kids around and I'm damn lucky my friends and family are there to support the heck out of us, as well as having some pretty decently behaved children.

Last Sunday I was bummed Jason had work and we were going to a pumpkin patch with my friends. We were running late, I neglected to get an adequate breakfast for myself or the kids, I dressed us in full winter wear and forgot the stroller and lunches.  

It ended up being 70 degrees, the baby was a disaster and Eyan was whiney...and so was I.  The hangrys were setting in and well, it was rough and my friends were tolerating me.  Thank God they like me and those kids of mine. 

I sucked on the photo front but managed a few.