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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eyan's Smile

Sometimes the focus of my blog can be on that baby, because she is still experiencing her firsts and after all this blog is my online scrapbook where I make sure to write down everything that my kids experience and do that are cool!  But my boy, he is every bit as important to me as the princess and I want to continue to document how amazing he is too! Eyan is growing up, he is 4.5!  Like in 6 months I will have a 5 year old and next year he starts kindergarten and soon it will be high school and I literally have not clue how I am going to handle that. 

This boy however, will handle this just fine. He has been begging to turn 5 since the day after his 4th birthday.  In my family we call this a big frog.  It comes from a silly morning show here in Denver years ago when I was a kid and has just carried on throughout the years.

My almost 5 year old is doing fantastic in school.  This weekend he brought home a book and read it to us!  He READ a book, to us and it made me cry.  He is amazing.

I got all nostalgic the other night as I was organizing tax stuff and started going through Eyan's baby book.  I was bawling, His story...our story is one that wouldn't have existed had he been born in a different era, where medicine was not as advance.  I am SO lucky to have him and be here for him and I needed that reminder. 

I just love him.