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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Today we give thanks.  I for the first time, decided to join in on the month of Thanks by posting 1 think I was thankful for each day.  I didn't post every single day but I made sure I made up for that each day. November was a rough month.  We started out with the flu, a broken dishwasher, and a cold.  We had a dead fish, a near death driving moment and finally my amazing croup.

However, November has also been blessed.  Although we were sick we live in a country where medicine and doctors are readily available.  Jason and I can afford a dishwasher and to complain about 1st world problems.  We are alive, we are breathing and we are surrounding by love and amazing people.

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Here is a recap of my Thankful month!
  • Day 1: thankful for washers, Dryers, toilets and plastic sheets. Cause, vomit
  • Day 2: thankful for nap time...so I can finally de-germ this freaking house of flu.
  • Day 3: thankful for seasons.
  • Day 4: thankful for the right to vote, have my say and make an impact ‪#‎rockthevote‬ today folks
  • Day 5: Thankful for living in a 1st world country where people can argue about politics even after decisions have been made. Family, friends, food, shelter, clothes and love. ‪#‎blessed‬
  • Day 6:. Yesterday and always I am thankful for my mommy group, sanity is found there. 
  • Day 7: I am thankful for Friday's. Because weekends were meant for sleeps and snuggles.
  • Day 8: I'm just trying to be thankful for something without losing my damn mind on my children. Oh my hair! Yes I'm thankful for Aunt Kelly Zawada-Trevena for my new hair
  • Day 9: I'm thankful for the husbands breakfast cooking skills. If it were up to me I would hand out bowls of cereal (edit:doughnuts) like Oprah hands out cars
  • Day 10: super thankful for coupons and cough medicine. My little guy is too
  • Day 11: of course I'm thankful to our veterans. Because 'Merica! I sure as hell don't have the balls to do what y'all have done. Thank you for giving everything you've got to protect us!
  • Day 12: thankful for hysterical convos with Eyan. Just today he has said:
1.Eyan: grandma fed me cereal, donuts and candy. Me: did you eat real food?
2. Eyan: running around crazy, falls damn hard. Me: you ok? Eyan: yeah I just knocked my teeth out, but I'm ok. Me: frantically checks for lose teeth and blood. Eyan: mom lets not do that ok.
3. Eyan: oh man our fish is floating. You should have fed him this morning. Me: I did Eyan: clearly not
  • Day 13: thankful for handy, amazing, loving, poop cleaning up, dinner prepping, kid rearing, husband. Who sends me to bed when I'm an unruly grump
  • Day 14: thankful for more alert and awake drivers around me as I ran a light this morning half asleep. Thankful no one wrecked...I'm sure awake now
  • Day 15: thankful for my new dishwasher. Because 1st world problems dictate my needs. ‪#‎bestmoneyeverspent‬ok maybe not but pretty close!
  • Day 16: thankful for my friends. Because obviously they still like me enough to hang out with me and the kids.
  • Day 17: thankful for the blogging relationships and opportunities 2014 presented. I'm still working at it and hoping to see a huge change soon but until then I'm happy where I'm at! Thanks to everyone for their support with this. You have no clue what that means to me!
  • Day 18: thankful for early bedtimes which allow for child free grocery trips. ‪#‎isaved138dollars‬!
  • Day 19: thankful for my parents. They have truly set the bar on how a marriage should be. I love how they look at each other and show love all the time. It's refreshing to see two people in love after 30 years
  • Day 20: thankful for quick thinking colleagues. Today a life was saved.
  • Day 21: thankful for my coworkers, who realized that my sick ass needed to be home and decided to cover my classes so I could go home. They are ‪#‎thebest‬
  • Day 22: thankful for friends. Because they're really family and a damn good one. 
  • Day 23: thankful for my mama.
  • Day 24: I am extremely thankful for my mother in law, who never judged, always loved and was an amazing best friend to my hubby. She is missed daily. 
  • Day 25: I am thankful for Jennifer who loves my kids like her own and is amazing with them. I have no idea what we would do and who my kids would be without her.
  • Day 26: I am thankful for my mommy (Andrea) and daddy and my sister (Ashley). The bring me back down and center me. They are the first to support or tell me to chill out. 
  • Day 27: I am most thankful for the two tiny people who call me mom and the man they call daddy. These people are my everything and I am so thankful and blessed to have them. Love to everyone and happiest Thanksgiving!