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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hard Rock Roxtars Kids Fun!

During the horrific flu that we all battled last week we had a break where we were all surprisingly feeling good.  I was so excited to go to the soft opening of the Hard Rock Roxtars new healthy menu relaunch for kids.  I woke up that morning and everyone seemed to be good to go, the flu seemed be be just the 24 hour bug and all of us were good to go.  We headed down to the 16th Street Mall to the Hard Rock Cafe Denver location and were welcomed to the amazing atmosphere by the nicest waitstaff. 

My kids were dressed to participate in the "Does your child look like a rockstar" outfits with Eyan channeling his inner Justin Timberlake and the peanut representing the Cheetah girls (or so I was told).  We posed with the Hard Rock Roxtar characters and then sat down and got ready to enjoy a wonderful meal and take in the awesome ambiance. 

My kids were greeted with activity books, complete with crayons, stickers and activity pages to last far longer than the hour long lunch.  Eyan LOVED the stickers, while the baby just enjoyed flipping through the pictures. It was a great incentive for my children to focus and be patient while we waited on our food.  We checked out the menu and were elated to see so many healthy choices with a bit of the classics mixed in.  

When lunch was served, the kids food was on adorable guitar shaped plates with spaces for dipping sauces and plenty of room!  Emberlynn really loved the chicken salad and fresh fruit.  While Eyan went with a classic cheeseburger and french fries. The kids ate the heck out of the food and it was not greasy at all.

Oh and then there was my food.  I went with a light lunch while my mom chose something a bit more delicious.  My food was awesome, it had a BBQ vinegarette dressing and I could hardly stop eating.  My mom chose the salmon and my lord, was that the best salmon I have ever tasted.

Overall, we had a great time, filled with amazing healthy food and a great atmosphere.  If you want to checkout the Hard Rock Cafe, make sure to visit their website and also just cruise on in!