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Thursday, November 20, 2014

On the topic of the peanut

Oh Emberlynn you finally grew and because I literally need to document everything, I feel that it is prudent that I shout from the rooftops that you are officially in 12-18 month clothing!  We are getting closer, you may be a skinny little thing but you are a growing skinny peanut and that makes mama and daddy happy!

I spent the weekend putting away all of your tiny 6 month clothes and trying all the adorable 12-18 month clothes on you.  I know you are not a doll but you sure enjoyed it too.  You also have fallen in LOVE with "pretty, pretties" (jewelry) and are particular enamored with my dangly earrings.  You even ask me to put them in your ears!  

There have been so many unknowns, so many tests and scary results with you, but all along the way people have assured me that you will grow, you will be just fine and finally after 11 months, I am starting to see and feel that way too.  

Love you peanut!