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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ranch #DaisyCottageCheese #Sponsored

Cottage cheese is a staple in our house.  Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese is our go to in this house and we eat it by the boat load too!

My kids are big fans of ranch flavor so I tend to buy those ranch flavor packets in bulk and put them in everything!  When we were dealing with Emberlynn's failure to thrive diagnosis, it was difficult figuring out what to feed her to basically fatten her up but do it in a healthy manner.  We needed a high-protein snack and Daisy Cottage Cheese fit the bill.  Our nutritionist was very happy to hear that Emberlynn was eating cottage cheese and gaining weight during the 9 months of her diagnosis.  

Eyan is not the biggest fan of food that is not sugar.  The boy has first-child-spoiled-as-heck syndrome and was given everything he ever wanted.  So basically getting him to eat a healthy snack is ridiculously hard.  That is where the ranch flavor comes in.  He LOVES ranch dressing and will eat this without a fit. 

This recipe is super easy, get one of those packages of ranch flavor and a scoop of Daisy Cottage Cheese and mix in to taste! 

For me, healthy, high protein snacks are very important.  I am actually a type 2 diabetic.  I have had my blood sugar levels well controlled by diet for the majority of my 6 year diagnosis.  I need to have snacks all the time.  I eat constantly and I crave the crap foods.  I have to change my mindset often to eat healthier and I will go on these huge cottage cheese kicks.  It is great that I can grab a bowl of Daisy Cottage Cheese and know that I am not putting my health at risk by eating a couple servings!

We love Daisy Cottage Cheese because it is a healthy, tasty snack that goes well with anything.  Not only do we eat it with ranch flavor, but often we eat it just plain or with various fruits and veggies.  I have also began to fall in love with walnuts in the cottage cheese as well!  

I invite you to try the #DaisyDifference with me as we all work towards healthier, active lifestyles!


Disclosure:  I received Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese for free for review.  Regardless all opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is compensated but I do love me some cottage cheese.