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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The MOST EPIC Halloween Costumes

October almost killed me.  Literally.  I actually at one point was just about ready to walk away from my graduate program, my job, and this little blog.  For no other reason than pure exhaustion.  But I realized that most of that came from the immense undertaking that was my children's Halloween costumes.


I worked for an entire month to make these and through sewing, and hand painting and so much hot glue and duct tape we made it.  The costumes were a hit and I was proud that I actually accomplished my sons request.  Emmi's was easy, but Eyan's took every bit of imagination and creativity that I could muster.

You would think that I would have taken step by step pictures of the construction of this costume.  I sucked, mainly because I would get in these grooves and forget that cameras existed.  Basically I got 2 boxes and my husband and I engineered them so that the main box for the body fit Eyan and the box for the front end matched the front box well and looked like the front of a truck.  We used duct tape to secure the front box to the body box and then got to painting.  I hand painted the entire thing WITHOUT a stencil.  The exhaust stacks are wrapping paper tubes and the mask and wheels are made out of the foam stuff you get at craft stores.  

Kids Transforming Optimus Prime Costume


Here is the video of it in action!!!

Thankfully the baby's costume was fairly easy.  Some peacock feathers, some tulle and a bit of fabric dye and we were done!  I have a whole step by step tutorial for her costume and I go back and forth between writing it and not.  It is pretty straight forward.  I got a white onesie and white tights and RIT dye and dyed those in the sink, I cheated and ordered the headpiece from Amazon.  I made an easy tutu out of some glittery tulle and then the top was actually an old sleeve from a shirt my mom had. Then I just took the peacock feathers and started hot gluing them down in layers.  It took about a week to get all the way done!

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