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Monday, November 24, 2014

The sickness

It has struck.  I at one point this weekend in the middle of the night was coughing so hard I could not catch my breath and I thought "please God, do not let my children find me dead."  Yeah that thought actually went through my head.  Not "maybe I should call an ambulance"  or "urgent care would be a good idea."  I just coughed and coughed until my throat was bloody and I am pretty positive I broke a rib.

You would think that if this was the common cold that I would be on the mends, but unfortunately, each day I get worse (I suspect it is because even Nyquil cannot stop the coughing that is keeping me up and only seems to be terrible at night).  I even had to request an extension on my test I was supposed to have done on Saturday because I was so dang miserable.  I think the stomach flu was much better then what I have going on this week.

Today I head to the doctors to hopefully check if I have the whooping cough (some of my allergies prevented me from being vaccinated against a couple things...of course this is one of those)!  I really hope I am just a big baby, as I just want to spend the week with my family and a turkey and relaxing.

Send some healing vibes folks, I could totally use them!