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Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Jesus

Oh boy.  This child of mine.  She's a stubborn baby I tell you. 

Particularly when it comes to baby Jesus. 

My parents spent that last two weeks watching my kids while my babysitter enjoyed some relaxation in Hawaii.  In that time, my dad set up Christmas decorations outside, this included the nativity set.  My tiny peanut took a particular interest in the baby Jesus, and my dad being the sucker that he is, allowed her to swing with Jesus.  She was elated, until we had to put him back and go inside.  Then this happened:

(warning: turn the volume down for the first 10 seconds)
My mom and I were dying laughing at her!  
It also led to this Ebay bid...I am currently winning.  Best. Santa. EVER!

The peanut keeps asking about Baby Jesus, so if I manage to pull this off, then it will be pretty awesome.  I mean who doesn't want a Baby Jesus lawn decoration?

Oh and in other odd news:
Apparently they make 4ft tall Ninja Turtle?
Happy Monday Folks!