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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Recap 2014

Whew!  What a break it has been.  The hubby is sick, the kids are crazy, I am slowly losing my mind and we are enjoying every damn moment.  We had a very nice Christmas and were blessed.  While I chose to keep the presents to more practical items (clothes, shoes and only a few toys), my parents and sister went a bit crazy and spoiled those babies rotten...including a dang drum set.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family.  I helped my mom make prime rib roast and king crab legs which we all devoured.  We then headed into the family room and basked in the greatness that is my mom's Christmas tree forest (8 trees decorated in various themes in the corner of the family room).  My dad and sister passed out gifts and my kids got to unwrapping.  Eyan opened the green lightsaber he had been talking about for months, the peanut was in love with the baby doll and we spoiled my mom with an embroidery machine and then my dad got the adorable ReinBEER that I made. 

How cute are those!  Simple too!  Just grab a six pack of your favorite beer, some googly eyes, a red fuzzy ball, a pipe cleaner shaped into points and some hot glue!  Huge hit.

Christmas morning was spent at our house opening the gifts from Santa and us.  Eyan asked for a Rollercopter from Santa (which I will be returning because it is a hunk of junk) as well as Baymax from Big Hero 6.  In addition I stayed practical and there were a lot of clothes under that tree for my growing boy.  He was so excited and so fun to watch open gifts.  The princess on the other hand was sassy and grumpy.  She was only interested in the candy in her stocking and walked around with a candy bar shaped Santa oozing out of her mouth for a good 20 minutes. She really could care less about the Jessie doll and clothes and was pretty much ready to go back to bed.  I am sure next year will be different.  

My favorite part of the whole day...WE HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS IN COLORADO!  It started snowing midday, and was perfect. 

The next day though...A Christmas miracle was delivered!

Baby Jesus made his safe arrival to our house and all was right in the world.  Emmi has been happily holding her baby Jesus and carrying him around and taking good care of him.  

How was your Christmas???