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Friday, December 5, 2014

It is almost over

I finish up the first semester of graduate school officially on Monday.  I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday typing up research article critiques on my future action research topic.  17 pages of critiques.  Today I got my first official grade which although I am not ecstatic about, I am ok with.  I will end my first class with a B.  Taking into account that in the last month my family and I have battled the 8 day stomach flu and I had croup for 10 days (with both sicknesses hitting during major exam weeks), I am definitely ok with the B.

I should receive an A in my second class assuming I continue to rock it like I have been.  Since it is grad school and I am only part time this will be a long couple years but I feel like I am beating the odds.  I think that I am keeping it together relatively well on all fronts.  I have managed to keep on my little blog here and post quality stuff 3-5 times a week and support some of the amazing bloggers I have met as well.  I am keeping up on my grading and planning at work and utilizing work time better too.  In addition, my kids are getting more of my time...the hubby not so much but that is more of a work schedule issue than anything else.

Guys!  I am doing it, super overwhelmed, possibly 5 lbs heavier from the crap I consume trying to keep myself awake but I am managing graduate school, a full time job, parenting 2 littles and my blog.  I can make the next 18ish months work!

Thank you for all your support and love and wonderful thoughts.  You have no idea how much they mean.