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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap 2014

I had this picturesque idea of how Thanksgiving would go this year.  I picked out the most adorable outfits for the kids and was ready to spend the day feasting and laughing and just generally relaxing. 

Kohls for the win!

I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and each year I try valiantly to get my family into watching it.  This year the kids were entertained for about 15 minutes...ehhh better than 0 minutes.  

The kids pretending to like the parade

I recorded the parade and got to work on my part of the Thanksgiving dinner...deviled eggs.  It was going so well. I tried the baking soda in the water thing to make the shells come off easily.  It worked!  I peeled 30 eggs flawlessly in 10 minutes!  I got to work deviling those eggs and decided to use my new kitchen aid mixer and that's when things went very wrong.  I accidentally hit the speed button forward for fast instead of backward for off and I had eggs everywhere.  Unfortunately what was left in the bowl was so whipped it was soupy.   I made egg soup :(  I gave up, ran upstairs to clean myself up and then we headed to my aunts house. 

Egg Soup...In my eye, on my floor, everywhere!

The rest of the day was fairly relaxing.  We were missing a ton of family members so it was quiet.  Eyan played with his cousin and broke into the sweets table.  Emberlynn got to play with her older cousin Reese and they just loved each other (plus I got a bit of a break)!  The peanut also insisted on wearing all the boots and clothes as the day wore on.  This girl has her own style. 

Dinner was great!   My phone was being uncooperative and not taking photos so unfortunately there are none of me or Jason and the kids.  Overall we had a nice Thanksgiving!  Hope yours was fantastic as well.