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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Visiting Santa 2014

Oh the fiasco of this day.  Such a back story here but basically, NEVER again will I even attempt to coordinate 8 peoples schedules.  I always try to get my kids to see Santa Claus before the big rush after Thanksgiving.  This is particularly important because we like to go to Bass Pro Shop for many reasons.  First, that is the only Santa either of my kids has ever seen and he is a good one!  Second, it is free, including a printed picture.  Third, they have a bunch of little activities for the kids to do and finally, if you get there early enough in the season, your wait is maybe 40 minutes, and in that time you can shoot pretend bows and arrows, drive monster trucks, ride a carousel and do some shopping and fudge sampling.

Her little devilish "cheese" face is killing me in this photo. 

Ha!  This photo just makes me giggle, but my boys sure are handsome.
So the moral of this story is that the hubby and I are just going to run the kids over to Bass Pro by ourselves from now on.  This year was great, we headed over there on a Wednesday night and were in and out in less than 30 minutes including the carousel ride and our time with Santa.  Boom, Santa visit DONE!
This is the best photo we got, the ones they took are kind of awesome because my littlest is
desperately trying to escape, but I thought I would show the one where she appears to kind of like him.

Oh and Miss Sassy Pants, literally hated every moment of this and the boy was elated.